Fiat 500C infotainment technology

I'm social, but not a follower.

Enjoy sun, fun and surfing—online, of course—with the Uconnect™ Radio on board the 500C. This comprehensive infotainment system starts with the standard configuration, comprising a radio with AM/FM tuner, USB inputs and steering wheel controls, which can be customised with all the information and music you want, plus a 7” HD screen.

Fiat 500C multimedia radio technology

Rock the street with your rhythms

If top-quality music is what you're after, choose the eight-channel Beats Audio Hi-Fi system with DSP amplifier, six speakers and subwoofer, delivering a total power of 440W.
The whole street will be rocking to your beat.

Fiat 500C multimedia car radio

What's your top 500?

Not content with a radio? Uconnect™ offers endless extras and is available in numerous different solutions on board the 500C.
Add whatever you like to your Uconnect™ Radio: enhance it with a 5” touchscreen or 7” HD touchscreen and discover all the features, including TuneIn, Deezer, Reuters, Twitter, Facebook, my:Car and eco:Drive.
If it's the full package you're after, choose Uconnect™ 7” HD and add top-quality navigation to your trip.

Fiat 500C Uconnect

Your wish is my command

Turn it on for the 35 million music tracks with Deezer, the 100,000 radio stations via TuneIn, the real-time Reuters news, or connect to Facebook and Twitter, whenever you want. Or ask it for a weather update, so you know when to close the soft top.
UconnectTM just made your journey a whole lot more interesting.

Fiat 500 Uconnect navigation system

No need to navigate by the stars

With the 500C you'll never get lost again.
Because even if navigating by starlight with the top down is romantic, letting UconnectTM Nav lead the way is still the brighter option.

500C ecodrive technology

Green driving, easy parking

The 500C makes your life easier with help from eco:Drive™, the app that helps to reduce CO2 emissions by giving you real-time feedback on your driving style, as well as tips for improvement.

CASA 500

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