Convertible: open sky travel

What is a convertible and why drive one?

Do you want to be free to decide when to enjoy the wind in the hair or the comfort of the roof?
Then a convertible could meet your needs. The convertible is a type of saloon car with a soft-top. It is the open version of a four-seater saloon, which comes with a roof and is subsequently modified to be openable, reinforcing some parts of the frame for safety and performance reasons. A Convertible can even accommodate four doors and can be sporty and fun in the summer without sacrifice any of the convenience of a city car.
Driving one means opening the doors (and the roof) to new experiences.

Convertible: open sky travel

Convertible, Spider and Coupé: differences and similarities

Now it's time to analyse the differences between the Convertible, the Spider and the Coupé.
Understanding these differences will banish any confusion and let you choose the car that best suits your needs.
As we have said, the Convertible is the open version of a 4-seater saloon. It comes with the roof, is modified by the manufacturers and redesigned to redistribute the weight, to let you enjoy the open air feeling in safety.
A Convertible and a Spider are very conceptually different. A Spider is a two-seater open air car with a typical sporting character. It comes without the roof and its chassis is designed for rigidity. The Coupé is also a particular type of car, although it is often mistaken for a Convertible. The term coupé refers to all cars that have two comfortable front seats and two small rear seats. Usually, these cars are sporty and have a ‘cut’ shape from which the name coupé derives.

How a Convertible works

The 500 Convertible is certainly one of the most seductive and popular convertibles, with the Pop and Lounge versions and the new exclusive Star outfitting.
Getting on board takes you into a new dimension of style, thanks to the opening top, which allows you to enjoy the summer and travel with the wind in your hair.
The 500C is equipped with an electric soft top with automatic operation. The roof can be opened and closed either using controls located in the car
near the ceiling light, or with the buttons on the remote control (only when opening and for the horizontal section). By pressing the (one-touch) button once, the roof opens automatically until it is fully horizontal (spoiler position). If before reaching the spoiler position you press one of the two keys, it can stop in an intermediate position in the horizontal stage of opening. To automatically close the roof all the way to the spoiler position, simply press the button once (one-touch).
Now that you know how the 500 Convertible works, are you ready to experience a new way of travelling?