500L: growing up is cool

500L: growing up is cool

All the beauty and iconic charm of 500 in a comfortable, spacious family car. For all your wishes, even the greatest ones.

Light up the road to make it your own

Fiat 500L infotainment technology

Large space, small touch

It’s true, 500L is a big car: but everything is within easy reach, especially when it comes to technology. With a single touch you can play your music, activate maps, connect to Facebook or Twitter or reduce your car’s emissions.
Fiat 500L Bluetooth car radio

An interface one step ahead of the rest.

Travelling is more fun with your favourite soundtrack playing: this is why 500L not only has an analogue radio but also a digital one (DAB), which can be connected to all the major devices (media players, iPods, iPhones, smartphones) via USB port, Aux-in connector and Bluetooth.
Fiat 500L Uconnect™ system

Uconnect™ Technology

Uconnect enables you to manage all the multimedia functions of your car using the 5’’ touchscreen. And what’s more, with the Uconnect 5’’ Radio NAV device.

Fiat 500L ecodrive technology


Save energy with your finger thanks to eco:Drive which helps you to reduce your fuel consumption and check your car’s CO2 emission in real time. When you get behind the wheel, the application analyses and records the vehicle’s performance, then displays your eco:Index. In this way you will be provided with useful information for improving your driving style and reducing consumption by up to 16%, all in real time.


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