We believe everybody should be able to enjoy freedom of movement. According to the World Health Organisation, about 500 million people across the world suffer from physical disabilities.


Launched in 1994 and based in Italy, this special project aims to develop equipment that can be fitted into cars to enable easier access, and greater comfort and independence for physically disabled drivers and passengers.
Throughout the programme, Fiat Auto has designed devices for both private and light commercial vehicles, such as anatomic cushions, revolving and sliding seats, and special fittings for wheelchairs.
For example, the new Doblò can be adapted to house a wheelchair behind the front seats.


All of our dealers can help to explain your options and arrange for a variety of vehicle conversions by a number of third party companies.
Why not talk to our sales dealers about the range of vehicles that are suitable for conversion to your needs along with finance options that may be available?

Finance for business users

We can provide you with a comprehensive range of finance options to help create a vehicle solution that suits your business, maximises your cash flow and gives you possible tax advantages.