Your Fiat car purchase guide

A range of made-to-measure accessory services for buying a new Fiat.

Find a dealership

Choose your city and postcode and find the nearest dealership to you, or search for the name of the dealership you are interested in. Our extensive sales network covers the whole of Italy, so we are never far away from you.

A Fiat for you

You tell us how many seats you need, which engine or drive system you prefer, what you use your car for and other criteria, then we suggest the Fiat model that best suits your needs.
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FCA Bank offers you the best financial instruments on the market, giving you total freedom to purchase your new Fiat.
Discover the finance plans
Discover the finance plans

Conventional hire purchase

With the hire purchase plan you can customise the down payment and instalments. You can repay the full amount at the same fixed rate over the entire term of the loan, with no final 'balloon' payment.

Fiat Plus

Fiat Plus is the ideal solution if you want to own a car that is always new and only pay for it as long as you use it. At the end of the contract, you choose whether to replace, buy or return it.


Whether you are VAT-registered or a private customer, with FCA Bank's leasing agreement you can use your Fiat without acquiring ownership.


Be-Lease, the first and only leasing plan with the third-party liability policy included in the fee. A particularly advantageous formula, not only for freelance professionals and small businesses, but also for private customers.


If you are a company, take advantage of our sales terms and financial services for business customers
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Motability is the mobility programme created to give people with mobility, sensory or intellectual impairments the opportunity to move around with total autonomy and freedom using FCA Group vehicles At all dealerships, customers can obtain support for purchasing cars adapted for disabled drivers or passengers
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